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TeenCo’s range of skin care was crafted by an Aussie mum with all natural ingredients specifically for delicate pre-teen and teenage skin.

Our simple 3-step system is the perfect introduction to a healthy skin care routine, helping to combat acne and other hormonal skin problems.

TeenCo started with the goal to inspire, invest and celebrate the next generation. Give them a head start with their skin care and take advantage of TeenCo’s resources designed for parents of pre-teens and teens to help navigate this period of change.

Customer Testimonials

Love that you get a free headband, my daughter and I do our skincare together on the weekends and she loves it, we both feel like we are at a spa!

Purchased for my daughter but have been stealing for myself, the consistency is so light and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and healthy. My daughter loves being part of my skin care routine and its been really lovely spending that one-on-one time together.


My girls love this toner, it smells amazing and has a really generous spray applicator.